HBA Art Advisory provides independent curatorial and comprehensive art advisory services for private collectors, corporations and institutions. Our expertise ranges from emerging contemporary art to modern masters. We specialize in art that is intellectually and conceptually bold and technically accomplished. Our aim is to facilitate relationships between artists, collectors, art venues and institutions. HBA has two decades of experience curating significant collections and exhibitions for our private and corporate clientele.

Our firm assists in all aspects of researching, acquiring and curating an art collection with consideration for our client’s unique needs and interests. Our firm provides market analysis, objective advice and operates with discretion and confidentiality. By drawing on more than 20 years of experience, long-term relationships and industry knowledge, HBA is able to assist collectors in acquiring significant works of art from both established and emerging artists.


Collecting art is a pleasurable and aesthetic endeavor that also requires special knowledge, market analysis and dedicated time looking and experiencing to develop connoisseurship and make informed decisions. HBA makes the art world transparent for our clients and assists them in navigating its complexities. We guide our clients through galleries, artists studios, art fairs, biennales, and auctions, and provide insight into the global art market and identify new developments.


HBA guides its clients through all aspects of acquisition from domestic and international art galleries, artist’s studios, private collections, and at auction. Our firm provides an assessment of value, pricing and market anaylysis, provenance, authenticity, and condition before each purchase. Transactions are undertaken with complete transparency on all details and costs of the acquisition.

Collections Management

HBA assists in all aspects of caring for our clients’ art collections and oversees all activities, from shipping, insurance, storage, framing, installation, archiving, documentation and conservation. HBA will manage museum and other institutional artwork loans, donations, and private resale/deaccessions.

Collections management is crucial for ensuring the proper care and management of the artworks, as well as for facilitating the asset focused growth and development for the collection over time. HBA’s collection services go hand in hand with the advisory and acquisition process.

Our team is trained in the museum standards of database collections management software in terms of the processing of documentation, location, and provenance.  When it comes to these details of collections information and upkeep of asset documentation,  our expertise is crucial.

A core feature of our collections management services,is our use of a highly secure best-of-class cloud-based collection management system for our clients geared toward providing centrally accessible collection management for personally owned art pieces. With robust and sophisticated features, the program is not only straightforward to operate but allows for easy accessibility from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. It includes precise location records for each art piece and the accurate date and time stamps for each location update to establish proper logs and chronological location histories, ensuring the highest security standards to ensure privacy.

Our firm offers customized solutions and private collection managment profiles for our clients to ensure that each piece of art is thourougly documented and accessible.

Art Experiences

HBA Art Advisory offers bespoke art experiences to promote encounters and foster community, including guided previews of international art fairs, private collection visits, artist studios, gallery, museum and auction previews, biennales, site specific art installaqtions, art destinations, and special art events worldwide for our clients and for private groups. The programs and destinations are hand-chosen, designed to be unique, and tailored to our clients interests for an informative and immersive experience.